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Are you looking for a fun and exciting outdoor activity that you and the family can do together? If you’re looking for a fishing charter but don’t want to go out too far, an inshore fishing charter could be the perfect solution. You just need the right inshore fishing company to take you out on the water and guide your excursion, and Benny’s Fishing Charters could be your answer. Our crew is experienced, knowledgable, equipped with the proper equipment and fishing gear, and ready to guide you on your trip. We will have everything you need for your trip, all you need to do is bring yourself and a snack to enjoy. Fishing has never been easier when all you need to do is relax and focus on reeling in the big catch. You can count on us to provide the best inshore fishing in Pompano Beach, FL.


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Did you know that you don’t have to travel miles and miles from the shore to catch some picture-worthy fish? With our inshore charters, you’ll have the opportunity to catch fish, like wahoo, kingfish, blackfin tuna, snapper, bonito, grouper, and more. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll catch a fish during our intracoastal fishing charter, we will take you to some of the best spots for fishing in hopes that you’ll have the most luck catching one. Most of these types of fish like to hang out near rocks or shallower waters. They also like to be around calmer waters, so you’ll likely find these types near shore than you would far offshore. 


If you’re looking for a way to fish away from a dock but not go as far as an offshore charter, our inshore charter is the perfect option. With our inshore fishing charter, you’ll get on our 27’ SeaVee Center Console vessel, which will be fully stacked with the tackle, bait, and fishing poles you’ll need for your trip. Our boat is well-maintained and regularly serviced, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your charter will be a safe one. One of the advantages of inshore fishing is that it’s just a fun quick fishing trip, it’s not an all-day trip, which is more costly. It’s also a more child-friendly adventure. If you have younger children it’s an easier excursion to do for smaller kids as it’s not an all-day adventure and the waters are also calmer. Our inshore charter is perfect for children and beginners. However, we accept all skill levels for our charters. Whether you’ve never fished before or you’re a seasoned fisherman, you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy our inshore charter. You no longer need to look for inshore fishing charters near me with our team. We’ve got you covered!

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Our Boca Raton Fishing Charters Include Everything you need to Catch Fish. Just bring your own food and drinks!

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When working with Benny’s Fishing Charters, we’re not only bringing our boat or fishing equipment to the table, but we are also bringing a talented, passionate, and knowledgeable crew along for your trip. We will handle everything throughout the process, all you need to worry about is focusing on reeling in some fish. Our inshore fishing guide will also show you how to properly use the fishing gear if you’re a beginner, and we will provide you with some expert advice to help make the experience more enjoyable and give you the best fishing experience possible. 


With our private charters, we’ll be able to customize a charter that fits you and your guest’s needs. This allows your charter to become more personable and it is tailored to your preferences so you’ll enjoy it more. Our crew will go above and beyond to ensure that your group has an amazing time. There isn’t anything better than enjoying the day with your loved ones while catching some awesome fish. You can trust that you and your group are in excellent hands with our crew. We will make sure that your fishing charter is fun, safe, and exciting. 

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Vacations are meant to provide you with a relaxing, fun, and memorable experience. While Pompano Beach offers a long list of things you can do on your vacation, don’t forget to add nearshore fishing to your itinerary. Inshore fishing is an excellent way to make lasting memories with your family and friends. This also allows you to do and see things you wouldn’t normally experience from the land. If you’ve been looking for Pompano Beach inshore fishing near me, Benny’s Fishing Charters is the company to turn to. Take your vacation to the next level with our inshore fishing charter. To learn more about the fishing charters we have to offer or to book your charter, make sure you contact us today!


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